Let’s Get Moving With Medway Can Stars!

We’re working with schools across Medway to get kids (and teachers) jumping for joy!

Medway Can Stars is an initiative which aims to get schools moving more this December by doing star jumps in class.

What do you need to do?

The task is simple – kids will perform 100 star jumps / jumping jacks every day for a week!

Start on Monday and by the time it gets to Friday participants will have completed 500 star jumps and that is the equivalent of travelling a whole mile!

Becoming a Star

At the end of the week, Teachers will log the miles of their class on our website, and dish out gold Medway Can Stars to everyone who took part.

And together we can all help Medway jump from country to country around the world.

Want to take part and get your FREE gold stickers for Medway Can Stars?

Simply email healthyweightnetwork@medway.gov.uk

Rewards for the Brightest Stars 

Share your activity on social media using #MedwayCanStars and we will award the best photos with rewards in the New Year!

Download your social media badge here to show everyone you’re getting involved!

Let’s get Medway JUMPING! #MedwayCan

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Social wall

Tell the world about your travels! Post pics and videos using #MedwayCan when you’re moving a mile and inspire others to move more!

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Log any Monday exercise you do at http://Medwaycan.com

Want to log your miles as a group, perhaps for your sports team? Now you can! http://Medwaycan.com now allows for the creation of teams to log miles in one quick go.

If you'd like to know more about how to create a team, check out instructions here: http://ow.ly/yjcF50LNH2q