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Our Story

We are a small preschool in Rochester who take 2-4year olds. Our aim is to provide an interesting, stimulating and motivating environment where children have the opportunities to have varying experiences where they can build on their continual learning and development.

We endeavour to use this through our INTENT, our IMPLEMENTATION and through assessing the IMPACT we as early years educators and the environment (the 3rd teacher) has on the children’s learning and development.

We are dedicated to ensuring the child is the centre of our work. In order to make this real, our ambition is to nurture good relationships with all the parents and carers whilst acknowledging them as the child’s first and most significant educators.

We believe that a relationship between home and the pre-school will benefit the child and allow them to have the best possible experiences in their foundational early years.

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    Top Of The Hill Preschool

    Moved 2240.45/200 miles

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